About BCIA

The British Columbia Institute of Agrologists (BCIA) ensures the competent and ethical practice of its members in support of the public interest.  

BCIA has 1400+ practicing agrologists, who are professionals in areas including agriculture, food production, environment and resource management.  Persons holding the title of Professional Agrologist (P.Ag) in BC must be registered with BCIA, as described under the Agrologists Act

BCIA is the provincial organization authorized under the Agrologists Act, a British Columbia statute, to govern the professional conduct of its members, in support of the public interest. Persons who hold themselves out to be a Professional Agrologist must be duly registered with BCIA under the Act

'Agrology' as defined by the Act means using agricultural and natural sciences and agricultural and resource economics, including collecting or analyzing data or carrying out research or assessments, to design, evaluate, advise on, direct or otherwise provide professional support to:

  • the cultivation, production, improvement, processing or marketing of aquatic or terrestrial plants or animals, or
  • the classification, management, use, conservation, protection, restoration, reclamation or enhancement of aquatic or terrestrial ecosystems that are affected by, sustain, or have the potential to sustain the cultivation or production of aquatic or terrestrial plants or animals.

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