About Council

The BCIA Council provides the overall leadership and strategic direction for the organization. Council ensures that BCIA’s goals are clear, the parameters and approval points are established. The Council is ultimately accountable for all aspects of the organization's activities. 

Roles of Council and the Executive Committee

See Section 3 of the Governance manual  (PDF format)

Current Council Members

Current list of BCIA Council Members 

2018-2019 Council members pictured below: 

(Left to Right): Brian Mauza, Jane Kerner, Maryam Mofidpoor, Karrilyn Vince, Oana Enick, Julie Robinson, Melissa Graydon, Kevin Eastwood, Warren Mills, Rebecca Martin.  (absent: Jessica Morgan)











2018-2019 BCIA President - Oana Enick, P.Ag.