About BCIA Council

The Institute's Provincial Council is responsible for the strategic and professional direction of the Institute, within guidelines of the Agrologists Act, and the BCIA Bylaws. Council ensures that BCIA’s goals are clear, the parameters and approval points are established. It is focused on strategic issues and provides guidance to the President, President-Elect and senior management. Council announcements may be found behind the BCIA log-in under 'Special Reports by Council'

Commitment of Councillors

The Provincial Council, its committees and working groups meet throughout the year. Members of the Provincial Council are expected to make themselves available, to fulfill Council responsibilities which include the requirement to meet on 4 to 6 occasions each year. In addition, business may be conducted by email and conference call-in. 

Council individuals are entitled to reimbursement for expenses based on provincial government rates.

Council Structure

The Council shall consist of the following individuals:

  • President
  • President-Elect (election every two years)
  • Past President
  • Branch Councillors - One Councillor from each of the eight branches

Roles of Council and the Executive Committee

See Section 3 of the Governance manual  (PDF format)

Current Council Members

Current list of BCIA Council Members 

2019-2020 Council members pictured below: 

(Left to Right): Brian Mauza, Kevin Eastwood, Jane Kerner, Todd Larsen, Jessica Morgan, Rebecca Martin, Oana Enick, William Shaw, Warren Mills.  (absent: Maryam Mofidpoor)



2019-2021 BCIA President - Jane Kerner, P.Ag.