Acts, Bylaws & Governance

Professional Governance Act (2018) 

The Professional Governance Act (the PGA) enacted in 2018, provides a new regulatory framework for professions in BC.  The Office of the Superintendent of Professional Governance (OSPG) was established under the Ministry of the Attorney General in June 2019.  THE OSPG strengthen government oversight while being independent from the ministries that regulate sectors in which professionals practice.  It provides the impartiality needed to create an effective and trusted framework for professional governance.

The PGA brings regulatory bodies under one act and provides a consistent governance framework for their professions that incorporates best practices of professional governance.  The OSPG is responsible for administering the PGA and for ensuring that best practices for professional governance are implemented.  The Agrologists Act will eventually be repealed.

Professional Governance Act - adopted Nov. 27, 2018

Bill 49 - Professional Governance Act - 3rd Reading

Agrologists Act (2003)

The Agrologists Act provides a legislative framework that outlines the parameters of the profession and the responsibilities of professionals and the regulatory body.  BCIA is recognized as being a self regulating profession and is a privilege granted by government through legislation. There is exclusive title rights, and in some cases, the exclusive right to practice within the profession.  The composition of Council for the Institute and the terms of the councillors are stated.

Agrologists Act 

BCIA Bylaws - March 1, 2020 version

The new Bylaws will guide BCIA forward as our profession continues its protection of the public interest and assists in the responsible development of British Columbia’s natural resources sector under the Professional Governance Act.

Printable versions of the current BCIA Bylaws and Schedules are available below. 

BCIA Bylaws with Schedules included

Schedule A  - Fees

Schedule B - Code of Ethics

Schedule C - Oath of Office

Governance Manual - July 2020 Version

The BCIA Governance Manual is divided into 12 sections and includes the Bylaws and Schedules A, B and C.

The Strategic Plan 2019-2023 forms part of the Governance Manual. 

Governance Manual Table of Contents