2020 Declared Areas of Practice

In 2020, 50% of BCIA registrants declared areas of practice in the environmental sector.  The percentage of BCIA registrants declared for each practice sector are listed as follows:

  • Agricultural Sector - 13%
  • Environmental Sector - 50%
  • Agricultural and Environmental Sectors - 15%
  • Life Sciences Sector - less than 1%
  • Food Sector - less than 1 %
  • Practice Areas Common to All Four Sectors - 21%
  • Others (Aquaculture) - less than 1 %

Note, that BCIA registrants can declare up to 3 areas of practice, so some may overlap.

Have a look at the summary of 2020 declared areas of practice for all of BCIA and chart of practice sectors for 2020

For the eight branches' Areas of Practice and PracticeSectors, download the Excel Spreadsheet (allow a minute to load; note the different tabs at the bottom)