Current BCIA Standing Committees as of June 2019

Committees appointed by Council operate on an on-going basis. They are guided by the 'Committee Policies' and each Committee's 'Terms of Reference'.

Committee Policies - Section 5 of Goverance Manual

Standing Committee Terms of Reference

Standing Committee members are listed below:

Governance Committee

Rob Kupchanko, P.Ag., Chair

Keith Duhaime, P.Ag., David Struthers, P.Ag., Brian Mauza, P.Ag. (Council Rep)

Executive Committee

Jane Kerner, P.Ag., Chair

 Oana Enick, P.Ag., Rebecca Martin, P.Ag.

Credentials Committee

Martin Sills, P.Ag.(Ret), Chair

Vafa Alizadeh, P.Ag., Geneve Jasper, P.Ag., Ruth McDougall, P.Ag., Andrea Mah, (currently on leave) , Stewart McBride, P.Ag.,  Theresa Loewen (currently on leave), Rafiullah Sahibzada, P.Ag., Jessica Morgan, P.Ag., (Council Rep)

Professional Practice Committee

Kirk Phair, A.Ag., Chair

Andrea McCormick, P.Ag., George Powell, P.Ag., Mandeep Purewal, (currently on leave)., Matt Davidson, P.Ag., Geoff Hughes-Games, P.Ag., Rebecca Martin, P.Ag. (Council Rep)

Conduct Review Committee

Vacant, Chair

Jim Collins, P.Ag., Keith Duhaime, P.Ag., Andrea Gunner, P.Ag., Bob Holtby, P.Ag., Rob Kupchanko, P.Ag.

Communications Committee

Martin Sills, P.Ag.(Ret) Chair

Eryne Croquet, P.Ag., Kevin Eastwood, P.Ag. (Council Rep)

Discipline Hearing Committee

Vacant, Chair

Kevin Walker, P.Ag., Carl Withler, P.Ag.

Nominations Committee (NEW)

Oana Enick, P.Ag., Chair

Martin Sills, P.Ag.(Ret)