Current BCIA Standing Committees and Working Groups as of December 2020

Committees and Working Groups appointed by Council operate on an on-going basis. They are guided by the 'Committee Policies' and each Committee/Working Group 'Terms of Reference'.

Committee Policies (under review, will post when final)

Standing Committees > Terms of Reference

Standing Committee and Working Group members are listed below:

Governance Committee

Rob Kupchanko, PAg, Chair

Yeganeh Asadian, PAg; Keith Duhaime, PAg; Brian Mauza, PAg; David Struthers, PAg; Carl Withler, PAg 

Executive Committee

Jane Kerner, PAg, Chair

Rebecca Martin, PAg; Jessica Morgan, PAg

Credentials Committee

Martin Sills, PAg(Ret), Chair

Vafa Alizadeh, PAg; Kristen Cockburn, PAg; Harmanjit Dhadli, PAg; Geneve Jasper, PAg; Ruth McDougall, PAg; Andrea Mah, PAg; Charlotte Norris, PAg; Rafiullah Sahibzada, PAg; Yuan Zhang, AAg; Jessica Morgan, PAg, (Council Rep)

Audit and Practice Review Committee (formerly Professional Practice Committee)

Oana Enick, PAg, Chair

Maureen Grainger, PAg; Andrea McCormick, PAg; George Powell, PAg; Mandeep Purewal, PAg; Matthew Davidson, PAg; Geoff Hughes-Games, PAg; Rebecca Martin, PAg (Council Rep)

Investigation Committee (formerly Conduct Review Committee)

Don Rugg, PAg, Chair

Jim Collins, PAg; Keith Duhaime, PAg; Andrea Gunner, PAg; Rob Kupchanko, PAg

Communications Working Group

Eryne Croquet, PAg Chair

Serena Black, AAg; Martin Sills, PAg(Retired); Linda Wilson, PAg(Retired); Kevin Eastwood, PAg (Council Rep)

Discipline Committee (currently dormant)

Vacant, Chair

Nomination Committee

George Geldart, PAg Chair

CCI Branch - Martin Sills, PAg(Ret); FV Branch - Melanie Lantz, PAg; Kamloops Branch - vacant; Kootenay Boundary Branch - Jeff Rees, PAg; Okanagan Branch - George Geldart, PAg; Peace River Branch - vacant; Vancouver Branch - Karey Dow, PAg; Victoria & Islands Branch - Myron Roth, PAg and Melanie Mamoser, PAg and Leslie Berkes, PAg