Honours and Awards

The BC Institute of Agrologists recognizes BCIA registrants who have made outstanding contributions to the field of agrology and to BCIA. The award(s) are presented annually at the Institute's AGM.  

Agrologist of the Year 2020

Awarded to Chris Armes, PAg 

Mentor of the Year 2020

Not awarded - no nominations received by deadline. 

Nominate a Worthy Candidate

  • Agrologist of the Year - The Agrologist of the Year award may be presented to an active Professional Agrologist (PAg) or Technical Agrologist (TAg) who has made a significant contribution to British Columbia's agriculture, natural resource and environmental science sectors.  Past Recipients 

Send Agrologist of the Year nominations to nominations@email.bcia.com by January 31st of each year.

  • Mentor of the Year - The Mentor of the Year award may be presented to a Professional Agrologist (PAg) or Technical Agrologist (TAg) who holistically espouses the values of being a BCIA mentor, and may be from but not limited to the branch hosting the annual conference.  Past Recipients. 

Send Mentor of the Year nominations to nominations@email.bcia.com by March 31st of each year.

  • Honourary Agrologist - As determined by Council the Honourary Agrologist award may be presented to any person who has made a substantial contribution to the professional of agrology or to the management, use, and conservation of British Columbia's natural resources. Honourary registration for life or such shorter time as Council may determine.  Past Recipients.

  • Distiguished Professional Agrologist - The Distinguished Professional Agrologist award may be presented to an active Professional Agrologist (PAg) for meritorious service to the BCIA over the recipients career. This award is currently not active. Past Recipients.

  • BCIA Recognition - The BCIA Recognition award may be presented to a BCIA registrant who has demonstrated exemplary service to BCIA.  This award is currently not active.  Past Recipients