Professional Development

The British Columbia Institute of Agrologists (BCIA) is committed to Professional Development and Standards to assist registrants in maintaining professional knowledge, abilities and skills. Assurance of continuing competence through on-going professional development is critical in meeting the current issues involving the profession of agrology and the agrologists' responsibility to society. Through lifelong learning, registrants remain up-to-date and informed in their specialized areas of practice.

Continuing competence will be demonstrated through recorded professional development (PD). Professional Development Reporting allows registrants to record activities under the categories of:

  • Professional Practice
  • Continuing Education
  • Professional Contributions
  • Professional Service

There are currently 38 recognized Areas of Practice listed by BCIA of which registrants must declare annually up to three area(s) along with reporting their PD activities. More information regarding Areas of Practice can be found here.

The Professional Development Report within the Members Only section of the website allows registrants to record activities as they occur or to submit annually just prior to payment of dues. The PD report will also form the basis for the BCIA PD Audit program.

The Professional Development Guidelines (with case study examples) provides registrants with more detailed information on how to report Professional Development (PD) and the minimum of Professional Development Hours (PDH) to be reported plus equivalents.  Practicing (PAg, AAg, RTAg, ATAg) registrants are required to complete and accurately report a minimum of 125 PDH over a three-year period (an average of 42 PDH per year), with no less than 30 PDH annually.  On leave registrants are required to complete and accurately report PD hours but at a minimum of 50% of the PDH requirement, and the reduction is only during the time on leave. Registrants must also declare their areas of practice annually. Download the PD Reporting User Guide or visit the How to do PD Reporting

Reporting Professional Development is mandatory. Council confirmed that annual renewals cannot be processed without the Professional Development being entered in the PD detail reporting form (PD Reports) within the registrants' profile. Declaring the area(s) of practice is also required at time of renewal.

When Reporting PD, registrants should be sure to document:

  • topic or title or article
  • type of activity  (ie. webinar, tour, seminar)
  • date of activity
  • length of activity
  • area of practice / relevancy to profession

Please check the Events Calendar regularly for Professional Development Events within your local branch area and around the province.