Professional Development

The British Columbia Institute of Agrologists is committed to continuing professional development to ensure that Registrants are continuously adding to their professional knowledge and skillsets.

Continuing education will be demonstrated through recorded professional development (PD). Professional Development Reporting allows Registrants to record agrology related-activities in these categories:

  • Professional Practice
  • Continuing Education
  • Professional Contributions
  • Professional Service

Professional Development (PD) Reports and Minimum PDH Requirements:

The PD Reports tab is located in each Registrant's online profile to record PD activities after they occur and to declare area(s) of practice. The PD report tab is the primary method of record-keeping in case one is chosen for the Professional Development Audit Program.

Practicing Registrants are required to complete and accurately report a minimum of 30 PDH per year, an average of 42 PD hours (PDH) annually, with a minimum of 125 PDH over three years.  Non practicing Registrants are required to report a minimum of 50% of the annual PDH requirement during their time on leave and declare area(s) of practice.

The Professional Development Guidelines (with case study examples) provide detailed information on how to report PD and the required minimum amount of hours.

Areas of Practice:

There are currently 38 recognized areas of practice listed by BCIA in which PAg and AAg Registrants must declare up to three (3) annually; TAg and ATAg Registrants must declare up to two (2) annually.

When reporting PD, Registrants should be sure to document the:

  • topic or title or article 
  • the area of practice/relevancy to the profession
  • type of activity, ie. webinar, tour, seminar
  • date of activity
  • length of activity

View the Events Calendar regularly for BCIA professional development events and those of other organizations.

Professional Development Learning Plan - a tool for use in planning personal professional development

Enforcement of Compliance with PD Requirements - details the processes applied should PDH fall short of the required minimums

Download the PD Reporting User Guide