Member's Professional Development Audit

The Agrologists Act requires that the British Columbia Institute of Agrologists include programs to ensure competency of its members. BCIA is committed to a Professional Development program and policies that assist members in ensuring and making evident their professionalism. On-going professional development is a basic tenet of professionalism. Thus, it is the responsibility of all Agrologists to maintain competence through ongoing professional development.

Requirements of Professional Development Audit Program

A Program to Ensure Agrologists Maintain Professional Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills

  1. Member must have adequate substantiation of professional development activities that have been included in annual PD reports.
  2. The declared total Professional Development hours (PDH) should meet the required minimums. (30 hours per year with 125 hours over a 3 year reporting period).
  3. The total of Continuing Education PDH’s should meet the recommended minimum. (10 hours per year and 50 hours over 3 years)
  4. The declared PDH’s must be relevant or pertinent to the member’s stated area of expertise and competency or support development of a new area of expertise.
  5. Identification of inadequacies and suggested requirements to bring professional development up to at least minimum standard within a given period of time.

For more information on the Professional Development Audit Program and processes, download the Audit brochure PDF

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