What is the Work That BCIA Registrants Perform?

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Working in the areas of food production, environmental protection, and responsible natural resource development, examples of our registrants' daily work are:  

Joseph Taaffe is an Urban Forester.  He works with BC Hydro in the Vegetation Management dept assessing trees, managing and assembling contracts in the Burnaby and Vancouver metro area. Joseph likes being around nature and trees and enjoys the daily challenges he faces in the arboriculture profession as well as the people he meets. 

Darrell M. Zbeetnoff is a Certified Agricultural Consultant and Registered Environmental Farm Planner. He works with farmers to develop environmental farm plans, agricultural and economic impact assessments and business and strategic planning.

Joyce Veller is a Licensed Authorization Specialist (Land Officer). She works in Crown Land Administration and is responsible for making recommendations on whether or not applications for the use or sale of Crown land should be granted, after environmental and archaeological considerations, consultation with the public, government agencies and First Nations.

Karen Kubiski is a Vegetation Specialist, specializing in Ethnobotany.  Her areas of expertise are vegetation impact assessments and monitoring, landscape ecology and ethnobotany. She works with communities who dendeavour to sustain healthy native ecosystems for medicines, food and wildlife.

Audrey Ehman is a Research Technician for FLNRO in Nelson. She does ecological land classification and mapping. One of her main projects is updating the Biogeoclimatic Ecosystems Classification (BEC) and mapping in Southeastern BC.

Zachary Luck is an Environmental Consultant. He investigates contaminated sites in Northern BC. He determines soil and groundwater contamination as a result of spills, drilling waste, fertilizers, etc. He monitors well installation and works with landowners and clients to monitor and prevent accidental spills.

Jennifer McGuire is Executive Director of Regional Operations in Environmental Protection with the BC Ministry of Environment.  Her expertise is in environmental impact assessment, environmental management systems and waste, compost and manure management.  She makes decisions regarding waste managment and environmental monitoring, setting professional policy direction for operational activities overseeing waste management compliance and impact monitoring.  She finds it interesting to work with amazing people who have a similar passion for environmental protection.

Daryl Schwarz is an Environmental Technician with Glenmore Landfill.  His duties include collecting and analyzing groundwater, surface water and leachate samples, monitoring and sampling landfill gas well heads for gas quality and also helping operate the landfill gas collection and flare system. He coordinates with consultants and contractors, reviews reports, manages the environmental database, issues contaminated soil disposal permits and provides support to staff on all issues health and safety and environmentally related.

Thomas Munson is an Environmental Technician with the City of Victoria Parks.  Thomas works in the rare Garry Oak ecosystems of Vancouver Island.  His work involves invasive plant removal, and restoration of sites where invasive plants have been removed, re-planting of native species and maintenance of these native plants over the seasons.

Marjorie Harris is an Organic Production Consultant and Verification Officer.  Marjorie's work involves visiting remote areas of the province to meet with farmers to verify that their crops, livestock and processing is up to Canadian and International Organic regulatory standards.  In addition she conducts product, biomass, soil and residue samplings with processors and mineral suppliers to verify they are within a standard protocol and traceable chain of custody.

John Dewis is a Senior Scientist in Land Quality and Remediation, conducting contaminated site investigations, soil/groundwater/soil vapour remediations and assisting industries to identify contaminant sources.

Other BCIA registrant's professions are:

  • Research scientist in seed orchard pest management, screening for insect and disease resistance.
  • Health and Resource Development in the assessment of air quality, environmental health, human health risk and contaminated sites.
  • Consultant in farm management, corporate design and goverance.
  • and more!