What is Agrology?

Tim Antill, P.Ag. doing vegetation monitoringAgrology is the practice of bio resource sciences to provide knowledge and advice to support the development of the agriculture sector and the health of the society, environment, and economy.  Agrology is a broad multidisciplinary field that encompasses the natural, economic and social sciences as related to the practice and understanding of agriculture and natural sciences.  

To learn more about agrology and the career opportunities in this field, view the BCIA "Why Choose Agrology"  video  featuring BCIA members working in a variety of areas of practice. 

Who is a Professional Agrologist or Registered Technologist in Agrology?

A Professional Agrologist or a RegisteredTechnologist in Agrology can come from diverse fields such as animal sciences, food sciences, soil sciences, natural resource and environmental sciences.  They are guided by a code of ethics and are responsible for protecting the interest of the public by providing objective information based on scientific knowledge within their area of expertise

A Professional Agrologist or Registered Technologist in Agrology:

  • are leaders in environmental sustainability
  • are involved in the regulating and safeguarding of food production and processing
  • provide business information and services based on their knowledge of resource economics

Agrology as defined by the BC Agrologists Act:

'Agrology' means using agricultural and natural sciences and agricultural and resource economics, including collecting or analyzing data or carrying out research or assessments, to design, evaluate, advise on, direct or otherwise provide professional support to:

  • the cultivation, production, improvement, processing or marketing of aquatic or terrestrial plants or animals, or
  • the classification, management, use, conservation, protection, restoration, reclamation or enhancement of aquatic or terrestrial ecosystems that are affected by, sustain, or have the potential to sustain the cultivation or production of aquatic or terrestrial plants or animals.

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