The Professional Oath

A signed professional oath abiding compliance to applicable governing legislation, including the Code of Ethics, is kept on file once full professional status has been achieved. As a historical ritual, one must recite the oath at a branch AGM or other branch-organized event.  The Registrant must send the signed and dated oath to  Download the Professional Oath

Professional Oath for recitation at branch AGMs (new PAgs and TAgs only)

The profession of agrology demands integrity, competence and objectivity in the conduct of its Registrants while fulfilling their professional responsibilities to:

●   the Public                       ●   the Client or the Employer           

●   the Profession               ●   Courts or Tribunals

I, ___________________________________________, the undersigned, do hereby agree that in accordance with the law and the public trust placed in me, I will abide by the Professional Governance Act and respective regulations, Bylaws, Code of Ethics, professional standards and the policies of BCIA; signed       

this _________­__________________ day of _____________________________________, ________________.