Districts & Branches


Under the new Professional Governance Act (PGA) and the BCIA Bylaws, BCIA Council structure includes seven (7) Registrant Councillors and up to three (3) Lay Councillors plus the immediate past President, which will be a non voting position, and is comprised from three (3) districts based on numbers per branch as follows:   

District 1 (2 Councillors) -  Peace River, Cariboo Central Interior, Kootenay Boundary Branches and Registrant at Large (those outside of BC)
District 2 (2 Councillors) -  Kamloops, Okanagan, and Fraser Valley Branches
District 3 (3 Councillors) - Vancouver and Victoria & Islands Branches

To comply with the PGA, Council has directed that the election of Councillor(s) be done by District, via online voting. See BCIA Council for Council structure and role.


BCIA has eight (8) regional branches throughout the province.  Registrants are usually assigned to the branch in their region, and attend the professional development events and AGM organized by their local branch.  Nonetheless, all BCIA registrants are welcome to participate in events hosted by other branches if desired. View the Map of BC with the branch regions.

Branch Annual General Meetings (AGMs)

Branches typically hold their AGMs in the following months:

  Cariboo Central Interior - October     Okanagan - January
  Fraser Valley - January      Peace River - December
  Kamloops - November     Vancouver - February 
  Kootenay Boundary -  October     Victoria & Islands - October

Each branch elects the branch executive at their annual AGM.  The branch executive is expected to: 

  • provide professional development and networking opportunities within the region covered by the branch.  Activities may also include hosting the provincial AGM and planning for the provincial conference on a rotating basis.
  • administer the Articling Program within the branch.
  • administer the Professional Oath for new PAgs and TAgs at a branch executive meeting/call or other branch event when executive will be in attendance.

Respect and Expectation Disclaimer Relating to PD and Networking Opportunities:

The BCIA, its staff, Councillors, Committee members, Working Group members, agents, employees, and representatives are not responsible for any content, comments, statements, allegations, insinuations  or representations made directly or indirectly made by any attendee, other than themselves, at any course, event, workshop, webinar or professional development activity produced, published, or presented by the BCIA. Further, Registrants and members of the BCIA are reminded that the provisions of the BCIA Code of Ethics extend to all actions or omissions of a BCIA Registrant or member at and during any of the above noted activities.

Branch Executive Roles

The Branch Executive consists of volunteer registrants of BCIA branches who are elected (or appointed) to serve in various positions that make up the committee.

The Branch Executive is elected annually at the branch AGM.  Prior to or during the AGM registrants are asked to nominate candidates for various positions on the committee.  If there is only one candidate nominated for a position they are confirmed without a vote.  If there is more than one candidate nominated, candidates are asked to state why they would like to serve on the Executive Committee and a vote of registrants present is taken.

The Branch Executive governs the affairs of the branch that includes the following:

  • arranges branch executive meetings and the branch AGM
  • organizes professional development activities on a regular basis during the year
  • manages the branch allocations
  • communicates registrant issues to BCIA

The Branch Executive is expected to meet a number of times each year in order to effectively carry out the duties associated with governance of the branch.

Branch meetings and AGMs follow Robert's Rules of Order as outlined in the book, "Robert's Rules of Order" Newly Revised in Brief; 2004; Henry M. Robert III, William J. Evans, Daniel H. Honemann, Thomas H. Balch.  The following document "Conducting an Annual General Meeting" was specifically developed for BCIA branches.  All branch executives are encouraged to review this document prior to holding their respective branch AGMs.

Additional information on Robert's Rules of Order is also available through Eli Mina Consulting at http://www.elimina.com/insights/articles-rules.html

Join your Branch Executive to:

  • learn about functions of BCIA at the branch and provincial levels
  • assist in the development of professional development activities in your region
  • meet new people and expand your professional network

Download the PDF attachment for an explanation of the Branch Executive positions.