BCIA has 8 regional branches throughout British Columbia.  Registrants generally belong to the branch in their region and attend the professional development events and AGM organized by their branch.  However, all BCIA registrants are welcome to participate in events at other branches if desired.

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Each branch elects a branch executive at their annual AGM.  The branch registrants and executive are expected: 

  • to facilitate the election of a councillor who will become a member of BCIA Council and a serve a term of two years.
  • to provide professional development and networking opportunities within the region covered by the branch.  Activities may also include hosting the Conference & Annual General Meeting (AGM) of BCIA .
  • to administer the Articling Program within the branch.

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Branch Executive Committee Roles

The executive committee (EC) consists of volunteer registrants of BCIA branches who are elected (or appointed) to serve in various positions that make up the committee.

The EC is elected annually at the branch Annual General Meeting (AGM).  Prior to or during the AGM registrants are asked to nominate candidates for various positions on the committee.  If there is only one candidate nominated for a position they are confirmed without a vote.  If there is more than one candidate nominated, candidates are asked to state why they would like to serve on the EC and a vote of members present is taken.

The Branch Executive governs the affairs of the branch that includes the following:

  • arranges branch executive meetings and the branch AGM
  • organizes professional development activities on a regular basis during the year.
  • manages the branch allocations
  • elect a Councillor to sit on Council
  • communicates members’ issues to BCIA

The Branch Executive is expected to meet a number of times each year in order to effectively carry out the duties associated with governance of the branch.

Branch meetings and AGMs follow Robert's Rules of Order as outlined in the book, "Robert's Rules of Order" Newly Revised in Brief; 2004; Henry M. Robert III, William J. Evans, Daniel H. Honemann, Thomas H. Balch.  The following document "Conducting an Annual General Meeting" was specifically developed for BCIA branches.  All branch executive are encouraged to review this document prior to holding their branch AGM.

Additional information on Robert's Rules of Order is also available through Eli Mina Consulting at

Join your branch executive committee

  • learn about the business of the professional Institute
  • help develop professional development activities in your region
  • meet new people and expand your professional network

Download the PDF attachment for an explanation of the Branch Executive committee positions.