Fraser Valley

Fraser Valley branch includes the region encompassing Delta, Abbotsford, Surrey, Langley, Maple Ridge to Chilliwack.

2020 Fraser Valley branch AGM agenda and Branch executive Reports


There are no events for this period.

Branch executives:


AAg Coordinator - Parashar Malla, PAgview
Councillor - Brian Mauza, PAgview
Director At Large - Linda Wilson, PAg (Retired)view
Director At Large - David Sahlstrom, PAg
Past President - Melanie Lantz, PAg
PD Coordinator - Daniel Hebert, AAg
President - Eryne Croquet, PAg
Student Outreach Representative - Jason Lussier, PAgview
Treasurer - Gail Schultze, PAg


A.Ag. Coordinator - effective July 1, 2019 - Parashar Malla, PAgview
AAg Coordinator - ending July 1, 2019 - Asmatullah, PAgview
Communications - Joshua Andrews, AAg
Councillor - Brian Mauza, PAgview
Director at Large - Parashar Malla, PAgview
Director at Large - David Sahlstrom, PAg
Past President - Linda Wilson, PAg (Retired)view
PD Coordinator - Arthur Guite, PAg
PD Coordinator - Jessica Stewart, PAgview
President - Melanie Lantz, PAg
President-elect - Eryne Croquet, PAg
Secretary - Laura Metcalf, AAg
Treasurer - Gail Schultze, PAg


Councillor - Brian Mauza, PAgview