Fraser Valley (District 2)

Fraser Valley branch includes the region encompassing Delta, Abbotsford, Surrey, Langley, Maple Ridge to Chilliwack.  Fraser Valley Branch forms a part of District 2.

2020 Fraser Valley branch AGM agenda and Branch executive Reports


Fraser Valley Branch virtual AGM

Jan 28 2021 - 12:00pm
(Fraser Valley (District 2)) virtual

Branch executives:


Articling Coordinator - Parashar Malla, PAgview
Director At Large - Linda Wilson, PAg (Retired)view
Director At Large - David Sahlstrom, PAg
Past President - Melanie Lantz, PAg
PD Coordinator - Daniel Hebert, AAg
President - Eryne Croquet, PAg
Secretary - Paramdeep Nahal, AAg
Student Outreach Representative - Jason Lussier, PAgview
Treasurer - Gail Schultze, PAg


A.Ag. Coordinator - effective July 1, 2019 - Parashar Malla, PAgview
Communications - Joshua Andrews, PAg
Councillor - Brian Mauza, PAgview
Director at Large - Parashar Malla, PAgview
Director at Large - David Sahlstrom, PAg
Past President - Linda Wilson, PAg (Retired)view
PD Coordinator - Jessica Stewart, PAgview
PD Coordinator - Arthur Guite, PAg
President - Melanie Lantz, PAg
President-elect - Eryne Croquet, PAg
Secretary - Laura Metcalf, AAg
Treasurer - Gail Schultze, PAg


Councillor - Brian Mauza, PAgview