Peace River

The Peace River Branch encompasses the northern regions of BC, from Fort Nelson and Fort St. John to Dawson Creek.  


Peace River branch - Soil Landscapes refresher course

Aug 24 2019 - 8:00am to 5:00pm
(Peace River) Mile 22 Community Park Baseball diamond, Alaska Hwy

Branch executives:


A.Ag. Coordinator - Kelly deCaux, P.Ag.view
Councillor - Karrilyn Vince, P.Ag.view
Director - William Shaw, A.Ag.
Director - North - Colin Clay Peck, P.Ag.view
Director- North - Layne Lybbert, P.Ag.
Nominations - Kara Green, P.Ag.
Nominations - Cierra Redel, P.Ag.
Nominations - Duncan McLeod, A.Ag.
Past President - Ben Rauscher, P.Ag.view
PD Coordinator - Aaron Mackay, P.Ag.view
PD Coordinator to June 2019 - Chad Lishman, P.Ag.view
PD Facilitator - Matthias Loeseken, P.Ag.view
President - Aaron Mackay, P.Ag.view
President Elect - Cali Seater, P.Ag.view
Secretary - Kimberly Cimini, P.Ag.
Treasurer - Marika Sherman, P.Ag.


AAg Coordinator - Michel Thomas Lavallée, P.Ag.view
Councillor - Karrilyn Vince, P.Ag.view
Nominations Committee - Duncan McLeod, A.Ag.
Nominations Committee - Kimberly Cimini, P.Ag.
Nominations Committee - Timothy Repas, P.Ag.view
North Director - Josh Stoski, P.Ag.view
North Director - Todd Lewis, P.Ag.view
Past President - Jennifer Dowd, P.Ag.view
PD Coordinator - Chad Lishman, P.Ag.view
President - Ben Rauscher, P.Ag.view
President-elect - Aaron Mackay, P.Ag.view
Secretary - Cali Seater, P.Ag.view
South Director - Charles Brissard, P.Ag.view
Treasurer - Marika Sherman, P.Ag.