Peace River

The Peace River Branch encompasses the northern regions of BC, from Fort Nelson and Fort St. John to Dawson Creek.  


There are no events for this period.

News and Announcements

Consultation meetings on Changes to the ALR and ALC

November 15, 2019
AGRI is holding consultation meetings on changes to the ALR and ALC, and on how to better serve the ag sector. The Ministry of Agriculture is... Read More

Branch executives:


A.Ag. Coordinator - Kelly deCaux, P.Ag.view
Councillor - Karrilyn Vince, P.Ag.view
Director - William Shaw, A.Ag.
Director - North - Colin Clay Peck, P.Ag.view
Director- North - Layne Lybbert, P.Ag.
Nominations - Kara Green, P.Ag.
Nominations - Cierra Redel, P.Ag.
Nominations - Duncan McLeod, A.Ag.
Past President - Ben Rauscher, P.Ag.view
PD Coordinator - Aaron Mackay, P.Ag.view
PD Coordinator to June 2019 - Chad Lishman, P.Ag.view
PD Facilitator - Matthias Loeseken, P.Ag.view
President - Aaron Mackay, P.Ag.view
President Elect - Cali Seater, P.Ag.view
Secretary - Kimberly Cimini, P.Ag.
Treasurer - Marika Sherman, P.Ag.


AAg Coordinator - Michel Thomas Lavallée, P.Ag.view
Councillor - Karrilyn Vince, P.Ag.view
Nominations Committee - Kimberly Cimini, P.Ag.
Nominations Committee - Timothy Repas, P.Ag.view
Nominations Committee - Duncan McLeod, A.Ag.
North Director - Josh Stoski, P.Ag.view
North Director - Todd Lewis, P.Ag.view
Past President - Jennifer Dowd, P.Ag.view
PD Coordinator - Chad Lishman, P.Ag.view
President - Ben Rauscher, P.Ag.view
President-elect - Aaron Mackay, P.Ag.view
Secretary - Cali Seater, P.Ag.view
South Director - Charles Brissard, P.Ag.view
Treasurer - Marika Sherman, P.Ag.