Conference Volunteers

Each year the BCIA Conference is organized by volunteers from the host branch.  The task requires comittment and lots of work, but can be quite rewarding putting together a meaningful program. This year's organizing committee are from the Peace River Branch.  The committee includes:

  • Jennifer Dowd, P.Ag.
  • Lori VIckers, P.Ag.
  • Ben Rauscher, P.Ag.
  • Julie Robinson, P.Ag.
  • Bridget Loe, P.Ag.
  • Michelle Schaeffer, P.Ag.
  • Aaron MacKay, P.Ag. 
  • Cory Davis, A.Ag.
  • Robin Routledge, P.Ag.

Bridget Loe  Bridget Loe    Cory Davis      Jennifer Dowd      Lori Vickers     Robin Routledge

Thank you to all of the Peace River branch Conference organizing committee for all your hard work organizing the 2018 BCIA Provincial Conference.

Planning to attend the BCIA Conference & AGM in Fort St. John? 

Want to get involved?  Want to meet other Agrologists? 

Why not be a conference volunteer?

As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to greet and get to know other Agrologists and conference presenters and have the satisfaction knowing that you helped to make your conference the best one yet.  Look over the list of Volunteer positions available and let us know if you are interested in assisting with one or more of the tasks.  Email your name, phone #  with the volunteer position title and date(s) to Bridget Loe at  

New AAg's this is your opportunity to get volunteer hours with BCIA.  Many volunteer positions are now filled.  Please check with Bridget Loe is you are interested.

Volunteer positions at the Conference:

  1. Registration Desk (3 to 4 people)   
  2. PD VIP Greeters (2 people)
  3. Reception Greeters (at least 2 people)
  4. Speaker Gift and Swag Bag Manager (1 person)
  5. Sponsor and Photography Displays (1 person)
  6. Field Tour Assistants (3 people, one per tour)
  7. Field Tour Lunch Bag Sorters (early Friday morning)
  8. BBQ Banquet Assistants (2 or 3 people)

For detailed descriptions of the Volunteer positions and comittment, please download the Call for Volunteers document.