Branch Executive

Each branch within BCIA has an executive - select the branch below then click 'apply' to view positions, member name and available viewable contact information. 



A.Ag Coordinator - Kevin Vaughan, A.Ag. view
Director - Central - Tim Antill, P.Ag. view
Director - South - Karen Moores, P.Ag.
Director - West - William Elliott, P.Ag. view
Past President - Rafiullah Sahibzada, P.Ag.
PD Coordinator - Adriana Almeida-Rodriguez, P.Ag. view
President - Barbara Oke, P.Ag. view
Secretary - Katryna Montgomery, P.Ag. view
Treasurer - Ibukun Olasanmi, A.Ag.


AAg Coordinator - Raylene Otto, A.Ag. view
Councillor - Rebecca Martin, P.Ag. view
Director - Central (alt) - Ryan Buck, P.Ag. view
Director - South - David Weir, P.Ag.
Director - South (alt) - Roberta Patterson, P.Ag. view
Director-Central - Tim Antill, P.Ag. view
Director-West - William Elliott, P.Ag. view
Past-president - Martin Sills, P.Ag.(Retired) view
PD Coordinator - Marisa Nightingale, P.Ag. view
President - Rafiullah Sahibzada, P.Ag.
President-Elect - Barbara Oke, P.Ag. view
Secretary - Alicia Lalonde, P.Ag. view
Treasurer - Ibukun Olasanmi, A.Ag.