Job Posting Policy & Procedure

Policy and Procedure - Submission of Job Postings & Requests for Proposals

  1.  Job postings are posted for free for up to 30 days if the job requires "membership, or eligibility for membership, with the BC Institute of  Agrologists" and this requirement is stated in the posting. 
  2.  Otherwise a $200 advertising fee applies. 
  3.  The posting will be posted on the BCIA website, social media accounts and emailed directly to all registrants as part of the next Monthly Email Update", which is distributed on the first business day of each month. 


  • Postings must be agrology-related;
  • Postings must be sent in Word format (with accompanying PDF if desired);
  • BCIA reserves the right to accept or reject any posting or content;
  • Employers agree to mutual cooperation to ensure the successful candidate(s) becomes registered to practice agrology, if applicable;
  • Free postings must state "This position requires membership, or membership eligibility, with the BC Institute of Agrologists".

To Post an Employment Ad

  • Submit your posting in Word format - including a link to your website.
  • An email will be sent to confirm a job ad submission has been accepted.
  • If the posting does NOT "require membership or eligibility for membership with the BC Institute of Agrologists", a $200.00 fee will apply.  Payment can be done via MasterCard or Visa - please include the credit card authorization form at the bottom of this page;
  • If applicable, the $200.00 fee will be processed when the position is posted and a receipt will be emailed to you afterwards;
  • Approved postings will be posted as soon as possible; usually within one business day;
  • For your job posting request, email

See the Credit Card Authorization Form.