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Cannabis Processing: Overview and Potential Environmental Impacts

June 10, 2021 - 12:00pm(PDT/PST)
BCIA webinar
Fraser Valley-District 2
PD hours: 

The legal cannabis landscape is extremely diverse - in addition to cultivators that grow and sell hundreds of varieties of dried cannabis flower, there are also numerous cannabis processors that produce an assortment of cannabis-derived products available on the market today. Such products are used for both medical and non-medical purposes, and take on many forms: cannabis extracts, formulated products, infused foods and drinks, and even topical treatments. Producing these novel goods not only requires physical processing techniques (such as sifting, pressing, and heat treatments), but also chemical-based processes that utilize solvents such as alcohol, hydrocarbons, and carbon dioxide, which may be released into the environment due to mismanagement and poor equipment and process design.

This presentation will focus on the post-cultivation side of the cannabis industry, and will provide a high-level review of the most common processing techniques utilized in the cannabis industry today, touching on environmental best-practices related to the handling of solvents, wastes, and other by-products.

Presenter: Tom Ulanowski, AAgTom was recently featured as May 2021's Agrologist of the Month. Read Tom's Bio HERE

To join the webinar please follow this link: https://bcia.adobeconnect.com/presentations/

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Thank you to Fraser Valley branch for organizing this webinar.