CCI Branch introduces the "YARD CRAWL"

August 26, 2017 - 11:00am to 4:00pm
Cariboo Central Interior

Professional Development Event

“Yard Crawl”
Saturday August 26, 2017; Smithers

Introduction and Purpose
Come join a group of Bulkley Valley Agrologists for a “yard crawl” (as opposed to pub crawl) through the front and back yards of Smithers.  See how progressive agricultural urbanites are forsaking their lawns for vegetables and chicken coops.  Witness the potential of a small lot, gardened intensively, to produce a bounty of food.  Discuss aspects of local food security relevant to this movement.  

Details on “the Crawl”

Saturday, August 26; 11 AM to 4 PM. Smithers meeting location TBD.

On bicycles or alternate means of transport, travel to 5 or 6 households in Smithers.  Each house will host a discussion of the successes and challenges in their food production.  Beyond also touching on food security, other topics could include:

- horticultural aspects; container / vertical gardening, space planning

- encouraging / prohibitive bylaws

- chickens as a gateway animal; what’s next, pygmy goats?

- why we do it? good health, teaching children, encourage insect/bee populations, the sheer joy of it, etc

Who is invited ?
Extended to CCI Branch, expecting that Smithers and area P.Ags and A.Ags will attend.  Host households do not need to be Agrologists.   

RSVP by August 18.