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CCI branch presents Evolution of Resource Management - Lecture #3 in Ag/Bio Series

February 28, 2019 - 7:00pm
Cariboo Central Interior
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Lecture 3 of the Agrologists/Biologists Gathering lecture series

Evolution of Resource Management, with Doug Beckett 

February 28, 2019

Location: Hub Space 1299 3rd Ave, Prince George

Initially there were no limits on utilizing natural resources.  The Evolution of Resource Management presentation attempts to assess and understand how and why limits, rules and regulations have been imposed over time on the utilization of resources.  Understanding the context of how change has occurred in the past can assist with anticipating what new limits, rules and regulations will be imposed into the future.

Doug Beckett attempts to capture the relevant context and motivation for changes in the Evolution of Resource Management that has occurred and is occurring within British Columbia.  The intent of the presentation is to prompt informed and constructive dialogue with respect to who benefits from resource management, who suffers the costs of resource management activities and who controls the decision making processes.

Doug is a Forest Technician from Sir Sandford Fleming College (1981) and has a BScFor from the University of New Brunswick (1989).  Doug’s early career was spent in Ontario and New Brunswick doing timber cruising, tree planting (bare root and container stock) and quality control, herbicide application, manual brush control, harvest inspections, pre-commercial thinning, road layout, scaling, updating forest information pamphlets, and collecting and cataloging forest economic data.  Doug moved to Fort Nelson BC as a Resource Assistant Silviculture in 1989, then becoming a Timber Supply Analyst Doug moved to Victoria in 1992 and Prince George in 1997.  In addition to being a Timber Supply Analyst with the BC Government, Doug has co-instructed a 4th year University of Northern BC forestry course since 2009.

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