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CCI Branch presents Terrestrial Animal Diseases – How we respond to outbreaks

April 4, 2019 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Hub Space (1299 3rd Ave, Prince George)
Cariboo Central Interior

Terrestrial Animal Diseases – How we respond to outbreaks

CCI Branch Lecture # 4 in Ag/Bio Lecture Series

Thurs. Apr. 4 @ 7:00 pm

Location: Hub Space (1299 3rd Ave, Prince George) 

To protect human and animal health, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) conducts inspections and has monitoring and testing programs in place to prevent and control the spread of diseases to the livestock and poultry sectors. The CFIA carries out programs related to animal health and production to guard against the entry of foreign animal diseases and to prevent the spread of certain domestic animal diseases.

How the CFIA responds to any particular disease outbreak is guided by many factors related to the individual situation and to the nature of the disease. This presentation will take a general snapshot of CFIA disease response in the field, how responses are organized, and how they are carried out.

Andrew Beuzer, P. Ag. has worked as an inspector for the CFIA for 11 years; the last 5 primarily within the Animal Health program. He holds a BSc. In Agriculture from the University of British Columbia. Andrew has been involved in several disease responses during his time with the CFIA.

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