Climate Vulnerability and Adaptation: Micro-Certificate @ UBC

May 3, 2021 - 9:00am(PDT/PST)
UBC online

The program requires that 4 courses be taken, each taking 2 weeks of study time. The program will take about 60 hours to complete.

Each course in this program will require approximately 15 hours of learner’s time. The program has 3 mandatory courses:

This 10 week flexible online program is rooted in real-world application, focusing on industry case studies in sustainable forest management, and making linkages between the science-management-business case interface.

  • Understand the role and application of climate change science, models and frameworks in climate change vulnerability assessments.
  • How to use the results from climate change vulnerability assessment processes and then apply results to inform adaptation development for sustainable forest management systems.
  • Identify organizational capacity and other factors influencing adaptation options in the regional/local context.
  • Proactively identify key risks and understand how to address climate change vulnerability implications for forest management adaptation implementation
  • Identify potential policy implications for adaptation implementation and business-case decision making.

Courses include:

Climate Change Science Application in Vulnerability Assessments

This course is designed to analyze the application of climate science in the process of climate vulnerability assessments in sustainable forest management. It will explore climate change vulnerability assessment frameworks that can be applied in forest management systems. Vulnerability to climate change is the degree to which geophysical, biological, and socio-economic systems are susceptible to and unable to cope with, adverse impacts of climate change. The course is intended to provide a basis for undertaking vulnerability assessments, leading to adaptation development and planning.

Climate Change Adaptive Capacity of the Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) System

This course focuses on assessing the adaptive capacity of organizations and existing SFM systems in both day-to-day operations and long-term planning. Adaptive capacity is a crucial element of climate change vulnerability assessments and can moderate climate change impacts to reduce the climatic uncertainty and change vulnerability of an SFM system.

Climate Change Adaptation Development and Implementation

This course focuses on the development and implementation of adaptation options in sustainable forest management. This course will utilize existing case studies within forest management to discuss opportunities, challenges and barriers, management strategies, implementation, and adaptation through climate change vulnerability assessments.

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