Conceptual and Visual Understanding of Hydraulic Head and Groundwater Flow A Learning Module of The Groundwater Project

September 16, 2020 - 10:00am(PDT/PST)
webinar- GeoEnviroPro
PD hours: 

Join Andrew J.B. Cohen, PhD, environmental consultant and Adjunct Professor of Contaminant Hydrogeology at New Jersey Institute of Technology for GeoPro Talks on September 16, 20 at 10 am PT.

This talk presents an introduction to a learning module available as part of a global initiative called The Groundwater Project ( The most fundamental underpinnings of groundwater science, namely hydraulic head and Darcy’s law, although simple in mathematical form, are often challenging to conceptualize and visualize, which are essential skills needed to interpret hydrogeologic data.

Numerous sketches that relate hydraulic head and geologic properties to various flow scenarios are presented, and exercises are presented that require contemplation and integration of concepts, not solving equations.

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