The Financial Impact of Climate Change

February 22, 2021 - 9:00am(PDT/PST)
RRU online
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This four-week course introduces participants to the financial risks and impacts associated with climate change. Participants will explore a range of risk pathways that link climate and economic systems, including:

• physical risks related to direct exposure to climate hazards in the value chain;
• transition risks arising from abrupt transitions to a low-carbon economy;
• systemic risks transmitted throughout the economy;
• extreme risks arising from the complex dynamic nature of climate-economy systems.

Topics will be explored through the use of case study examples, group-based analysis and problem solving. The learning is supported by readings, videos and live, interactive online sessions. Participants are encouraged to share their own knowledge and expertise in group-based discussion forums.
Upon completion of the course, participants will have a foundational understanding of the relationship between climate change and the economy. Participants will develop their ability to identify climate-related financial risks within their own organizations—critical groundwork for effective planning and decision-making for mitigation and adaptation.

As an introductory course, this course is suited to those with limited previous experience in climate-related finance or economics. However, a basic understanding of climate science is presumed.

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