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GeoEnviro Pro Webinars ACCESS REQUEST

January 30, 2019 - 3:00pm

For 2019, BCIA members will be able to access GeoEnviro Pro webinars at no charge. 

GPro Talks offers 30 minute webinars on topics related to environmental sciences.  Each talk is lead by senior specialists who’ve spent years in the field gathering experience and knowledge.   A Wednesday weekly live webinar allowing attendees to learn about specific topics related to environmental sciences is also available through GeoEnviro Pro.

As a BCIA member, you will have access to all a library of past recorded GPro Talks webinars as well as the weekly webinars.  Interested BCIA members must first register with BCIA before gaining free access to the GeoEnviro Pro webinars.  Please login and register below.

You will need to log in as a member to register.  Please allow up to ten days for confirmation of access. 

Each month BCIA will feature a past webinar.  For information on recent webinars, go to https://geoenviropro.com/gprotalks/