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Goat River South Channel Riparian and Wetland Restoration

November 10, 2021 - 1:30pm(PDT/PST)
Kootenay Boundary (District 1)
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About the Presenters: Norm Allard is the community planner for the Yaqan Nukiy (Lower Kootenay Band). He manages a large-scale wetland restoration project on band land in the Creston Valley, an ecological revitalization directly linked to cultural revitalization. The Yaqan Nukiy Wetlands project site is well over 517 hectares in size. As of 2021, over 121 hectares of the site's floodplains, wetlands, streams, and rivers have been restored and connected for a variety of wildlife species. Lisa Pavelich (P.Ag.) is a partner with Masse Environmental Consultants based in Nelson, specializing in ecological restoration, erosion and sediment control and riparian areas management. She has worked in the environmental field for 15 years conducting habitat assessments, terrestrial ecosystem inventories, riparian and terrestrial habitat restoration projects and developing environmental management plans.

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