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Grasses Plant ID virtual workshop

November 27, 2020 - 8:00am to 3:00pm(PDT/PST)
Peace River (District 1)
PD hours: 

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Date: Friday, Nov. 27; 9:00 am - 4:00 pm  (Mountain time)

This workshop will focus on the identification characteristics for Grasses and Grass Like species found in BC and Alberta. It will focus on teaching the techniques for keying out plants and it is encouraged that participants collect a few specimens ahead of time with vegetative and seed head characteristics to use as part of the course to practice identification and to use in exercises in identifying parts of plants. One of the course materials used will be the Common Plants of the Western Rangelands field guides, but participants are encouraged to utilize the field guides of their choice and most applicable to their location. If there is time the course will also explore identification techniques of flowers, and willows.

Presenter:  Steven Tannas of Tannas Conservation 

Steven Tannas, Ph.D, P.Ag, QWSP, is a Senior Vegetation Ecologist, Bioengineer, Reclamation Specialist, Native Plant Propagation Specialist, Rangeland Agrologist, and a Qualified Wetland Science Practitioner (AB) with Tannas Conservation Services. His work spans through a wide range of practice areas within Western Canadian ecosystems including: Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, as well as within the Yukon, NWT and Nunavut. Steven is a vegetation specialist with a focus in plant identification and management of native ecosystems. He has extensive experience working with industrial clients, oil and gas, electrical grid, mines and agriculture, and with federal, provincial and municipal governments. He has over 16 years of experience working with the industry in his professional career and over 10 years prior to that apprenticing within his parents' company prior to obtaining his first degree. He has been developing and fine tuning an innovative design for floating island remediation using native species over the past several years. He is the owner of Tannas Conservation Services (consulting), GP Restoration Solutions (native seed harvester manufacturing and floating island manufacturing) and VP of Eastern Slopes Rangeland Seeds Ltd (native Plant Nursery). 

Breaks & lunch : 10:00- 10:15, 12:00-1:00, 3:00-3:15

Additional info:  We are attempting to make this workshop as interactive as possible.  Participants are encouraged to collect a few samples to follow along  - such as a grass, sedge (with seed head), rush, and a few willows (leaf and twig.) 

This interactive workshop will be conducted on Zoom.   A link will be emailed to all registrants two days prior to the workshop.

Cost: $10.  Limit: 25

This workshop is being sponsored by the BCIA Peace River branch.  Registration is open to only Peace River branch registrants until Nov. 20.  DOWNLOAD and COMPLETE the Registration form and email to admin@bcia.com.  

Registration will be open to BCIA registrants from other branches after Nov. 20.  Your registration will be considered after that date, if space available.