Introduction to Forest Fungi – Bringing them out of the dark - field tour

October 23, 2020 - 9:00am(PDT/PST)

Fungi play essential ecological roles that shape our environment. They also provide food, medicines, and technology. Fungi are highly diverse, with an estimated 18,000 species in BC (based on an average of about 6 times the number of plants over a given area). Yet we have only documented around 3000 species in BC, and fungi are generally overlooked and largely missing from ecological inventories.

For this fun event we will spend a day in the field looking for local fungi and learn how to collect and identify them. We will explore a variety of habitats and discuss the biology, ecology, and other fascinating facts of the fungi we find. This workshop is entirely field based and is intended to inspire appreciation for the diversity and importance of fungi in terrestrial ecosystems, while providing some practical hands-on identification and collection techniques.

The workshop is for ecologists wanting to gain a greater appreciation and awareness of the diversity and ecological roles of fungi. It will be informative, but fun and informal.

Tyson Ehlers is a professional biologist and a forest ecologist from the Slocan Valley who has been fascinated by fungi for most of his life. He has worked on numerous mycological inventory and research projects throughout BC for over 20 years. His work on economically important wild-harvested mushrooms such as chanterelles and pine mushrooms has contributed to a better understanding of their ecology and recognition in forest management planning. Tyson has taught wild mushroom identification courses and guided at mushroom-themed events across BC for many years. He is a member of the Pacific Northwest Key Council, which was formed in 1974 to bring amateurs and professional mycologists together to further mycological knowledge. Tyson is an avid mushroom hunter and spends much of his time in the forest collecting mushrooms, both for the kitchen and for the microscope. Tyson has authored several mycological publications, including a guidebook to mushrooms in the Kootenays.

Oct. 23, 2020; 9 am - 4 pm

Location: Revelstoke

Due to Covid-19, the numbers in this field tour will be kept small.  Register early!

Register with  Columbia Mountains Institute of Applied Ecology.