Keeping up with Environmental Change 2019 Workshop

March 7, 2019 - 9:00am to 4:00pm

Keeping Up with Environmental Change 2019 Workshop

Date:  Thursday March 7, 2019 (all day)
Location:  SFU Harbour Centre

The Environmental Managers Association of British Columbia (EMA of BC) is excited to announce our annual Workshop for Thursday, March 7, 2019.  Our focus this year is to bring together members and guests for a full day of discussion and networking on topics related to “Keeping up with Environmental Change”. A network of experts from across many sectors will engage in exciting discussions related to the ongoing changes with environmental regulations, industry approaches, everyday living and management approaches in BC.

Here’s a sneak peak of the topics we’re lining up:

Renewable Energy and Alternate Energy Use 

  • Wind Energy Impact Assessment and Monitoring- Charlie Palmer – Hemmera
  • Sustainability Initiatives – Fueling Fleets on Renewable Energy- Sarah Buckle – Translink
  • Renewable Energy- Richard Siegenthaler – Reconsulting

Ecosystem Management – Growing Evaluations and New Initiatives 

  • Municipal Natural Assets Initiative - Roy Brooke – Brooke & Associates
  • Green Spaces and Associated Health Benefits - Matilda Van der Bosch – UBC

Global Warming and Climate Change

  • Urban Forest Climate Adaptation - Amelia Needoba – Diamondhead Consulting
  • Regional Carbon Storage Inventory - Clive Welham – 3GreenTree
  • National Industrial Symbiosis Program - Timo Makinen – Lighthouse
  • Climate Change Engineering and Sustainability- Nelson Lee – Green Sky Consulting
  • Climate Action and Agriculture - Emily McNair – BCAG Climate

Regulatory Updates 

  • EAO revitalization- Kate Haines – BC EAO
  • CEAA- Garett Cooper – CEAA
  • Fisheries Act Update- Shona Smith – DFO

 Go to the EMA of BC website to Register

“Meet Your Regulator” session from last years workshop platform, an exciting opportunity to have open Q & A and discussions with a diverse group of regulators from across BC