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Kootenay Boundary Branch AGM

November 26, 2020 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm(PDT/PST)
online - BCIA
Kootenay Boundary (District 1)
PD hours: 

The Kootenay Boundary Branch asks you to SAVE the DATE and register for their upcoming virtual Annual General Meeting via the button at the bottom of this page.

**New: Awards Nominations

To add some excitement to the virtual format and to promote passion within our Branch agrology community, the Executive have created two new awards and we are seeking nominations for our inaugural presentation.    

The Green Shoot Award

In the world of agrology, a green shoot represents birth and rebirth, growth, vitality, resiliency and new beginnings. It is often associated with fresh grass sprouting after winter or after a fire; or a tree that reproduces vegetatively. The Green Shoot award is intended for a Kootenay Boundary member who is new to BCIA Kootenay Boundary Branch (<2 years) and has shown growth in their career, passion for their work and offers a fresh perspective in field of agrology. The winner of this award may be a PAg, AAg or A/RTAg and a member of BCIA (Kootenay Boundary Branch) for 2-years or less.

The Willow Tree Award

The willow tree is one of the most versatile and useful trees on earth; its bark is medicinal, the branches offer protection from the elements, the wood can be used to build useful, sustainable items and it is a magnificent hyperaccumulator of metals from contaminated soil. In short, it is versatile, effective and healing plant. The Willow Tree award is intended for a Kootenay Boundary member who has made an impact or who has shown passion for the protection, preservation and healing of the earth and its inhabitants. Food security, climate change, pollution, endangered species and the interface between human rights health and the environment are all examples where agrologists can make an impact. Nominate someone who you believe is deserving of the Willow Tree award. The winner of this award may be a PAg, AAg or A/RTAg and a member of BCIA (Kootenay Boundary Branch)

Here’s how to Nominate:

If you know of a peer, co-worker or mentee/mentor that meets these requirements, we encourage you to nominate them for these awards and be recognized for their contribution to the profession.  To nominate someone, please forward their name, photo and a short bio to Natasha Neumann (Natasha.Neumann@gov.bc.ca)  by Deadline for Nominations for Awards is November 13th, 2020. Please note the nominations for awards will not be accepted from the “floor” during the AGM. 

2020-2021 Branch Executive Nominations

During the AGM, we will be turning-over a new leaf and inviting a new Executive to lead the Branch. If you or anyone you know would like to participate in the Executive for the next term, please submit your nomination or self-nomination to Sheila Street (Sheila.street@gov.bc.ca). Deadline for Nominations for Executive positions is November 13th, 2020. Please note the nominations for Executive will not be accepted from the “floor” for positions that received nominations prior to the AGM.

The following Kootenay Boundary Branch Executive positions are open for nominations for the 2020-2021 term:

  • Vice President (becomes the President next year)
  • Treasurer
  • Professional Development (PD) Coordinator East
  • Professional Development (PD) Coordinator West
  • Secretary

For descriptions of each position please see Branch Executive Committee Responsibilities document

Articling Registrants Needing to do their Oral Presentation and Newly Elevated Registrants (PAgs and RTAgs)

All articling registrants that would like to complete their oral presentation component at this year’s AGM, please inform Ben Foulger (KBB AAg Coordinator) as soon as possible and forward your name, photo and a short bio to Ben Foulger (bfoulger@slrconsulting.com) by the deadline of November 20th, 2020. Last minute presentations from the floor will not be accepted. Due to the virtual format of the AGM, each presentation will be allocated a maximum of 5-minutes of agenda time.

All newly elevated registrants since the last Branch AGM (new PAgs and RTAgs) wishing to be recognized for their achievement and those still requiring to recite their Code of Ethics oath, please inform Sheila Street as soon as possible and provide your name, a photo (preferably with you holding your framed certificate) and a short bio to Sheila Street (sheila.street@gov.bc.ca) by November 20th, 2020. Last minute requests from the floor will not be accepted.   

**REGISTRATION below (log-in to view) - ensure to complete the two-step process to complete your registration. The link to the KBB Virtual AGM platform will be emailed to all registrants and posted by November 20th.