Principles and Concepts of Ecological Restoration

September 9, 2020 - 9:00am(PDT/PST)
online course - UVic
PD hours: 

Principles and Concepts of Ecological Restoration

This course introduces you to the practice of ecological restoration. We’ll start by examining the physical and biological characteristics of ecosystems as well as the need to maintain and restore them. We’ll also examine natural and human-caused changes, at ecosystem to species levels, while considering the philosophy and ethics of restoration within legal and policy frameworks.

This course also introduces you to the process and techniques of assessing ecosystems and developing recommendations. In addition, you’ll develop your ability to combine and analyze factual scientific analysis of ecosystems in the context of human values and needs.

The emphasis is on examples from British Columbia but the approach applies to issues around the globe.

This course will:

  • Introduce you to the physical, biotic and human issues of restoration of natural ecosystems and assist you to explore these in the broadest sense.
  • Demonstrate the critical role of scientific description and analyses (biophysical sciences) and the importance of the integration of scientific data, models and approaches with human needs and attitudes (social sciences) for successful restoration.
  • Demonstrate the importance of communication for the successful development and management of a restoration project, and introduce you to selected skills.
  • Provide you with the basic tools for carrying out restoration projects.
  • Link you to restoration activities in the community and to others carrying out restoration in the province of British Columbia.
  • Provide you with a solid introduction to your further study of courses in the Restoration of Natural Systems Program.
  • Integrate what you learn into practice.

Online Moodle-based format over a 14-week period, requiring approximately 10 hours of coursework per week.

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