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Restoration for Pollination: the Pollinator Pathway to Climate Adaptation

October 8, 2020 - 12:00pm(PDT/PST)
BCIA webinar
Kootenay Boundary-District 1
PD hours: 

Restoration for Pollination

Webinar for the BCIA Kootenay Boundary Region.

Plant-pollinator mutualisms are a critical ecosystem function that sustain natural habitats and support the food web in terrestrial ecosystems.  Pollinators, mainly insects, transport pollen among flowers to ensure the production of viable seed, sustaining native plant communities.  Interest is high in supporting these plant-insect interactions through establishing native wildflower meadows.  In this webinar, we describe how the Kootenay Native Plant Society approaches the question of ‘what should I plant for pollinators’ in a restoration context.  We will guide you through how we developed our list of priority plants for the Pollinator Pathway Climate Adaptation Initiative in the Lower Columbia region of British Columbia and provide practical examples and tips for regional restoration interests. 

Valerie Huff MSc, Restoration Botanist, Kootenay Native Plant Society (KNPS).  Valerie has been a professional botanist in the West Kootenay for over 25 years.  Co-founder of KNPS, her love of plants and extensive training and knowledge in restoration ecology, plant propagation, and agronomy informs and enlivens both her work and her life.

Brenda Beckwith PhD, Principal, KinSeed Ecologies.  Brenda, a botanist and restoration ethnoecologist, has helped people discover and incorporate native plants into home gardens and restoration sites in BC, California, and Washington State for almost three decades.  In its second year, KinSeed offers native plant seeds, native plant propagation services, and ecological restoration and landscaping consulting in the West Kootenay region.

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