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Victoria & Islands Branch AGM

November 7, 2020 - 10:00am(PDT/PST)
Victoria and Islands (District 3)

November 7, 2020 – 10:00 am (PDT/PST)

Location: Virtual  In most cases, you can sign in with your email.  https://bcia.adobeconnect.com/branchagm2/event/login.html   NOTE: The AGM is conducted on the AdobeConnect platform.  For best results, download the AdobeConnect app and test your system prior to the webinar start.

The Victoria and Islands Branch asks you to register (below) for their upcoming Annual General Meeting, being held virtually on Saturday November 7th starting at 10:00 am PDT.  This AGM will not include a Professional Development session as in other years. A separate virtual Professional Development session on "Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples" was offered prior on October 16th, 2020 with 40 in attendance.

DOWNLOAD the Victoria & Islands branch AGM 2020 AGENDA 

Download the Branch Executive Reports

  1. We are looking for nominations for VIB Branch Executive positions for next year.  There will be positions available for:
  • Professional Development Coordinator (2-year term)
  • Articling Coordinator
  • President Elect
  • Director at Large
  • Director-North Island

For descriptions of each position please see Branch Executive Committee Responsibilities document.  Please contact President Elect, Thomas Elliot at Thomas.elliot@madrone.ca with your nominations prior to the AGM.  Note: This year, nominations will only be accepted from the floor for positions that do not receive nominations prior to the AGM.

  1. The Victoria and Islands branch is canvassing in advance for any motions from membership.  All members must be in good standing to make a motion.  Please contact Anette Thingsted at Anette.Thingsted@gov.bc.ca if you would like to make a motion prior to the AGM.
  2. Articling Registrants Needing to do their Oral Presentation - WAITING LIST ONLY Articling registrants who wish to complete their oral presentation must pre-register with Gundeep Randhawa (and sign up when registering online).  Last minute presentations from the floor will not be accepted.  Please contact Gundeep Randhawa at grandhawa@hemmera.com to indicated you are interested.  Some space may be available.  
  3. All newly elevated registrants since the last Branch AGM (new PAgs and RTAgs) wishing to be recognized for their achievement and those still requiring to recite their Code of Ethics oath, please provide your name, a photo (preferably with you holding your framed certificate) and a short bio to Gundeep Randhawa  at grandhawa@hemmera.com by October 20th, 2020.   Note: Last minute requests from the floor will not be accepted, so please pre-register online and contact Gundeep if you would like to be recognized or recite your oath. 

**REGISTRATION below (log-in to register) - Ensure you click the confirm to  complete your registration.