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Victoria & Islands branch - Webinar on Sustainable Management of Contaminated Sites in BC

May 30, 2017 - 12:00pm
Victoria & Islands

Sustainable Management of Contaminated Sites in BC

Presented as a webinar by Victoria & Islands Branch.

Sustainable management of contaminated sites has been an ongoing challenge for many years throughout BC and overseas. Although we came a long way the redevelopment of brownfield sites is an ongoing struggle particularly in smaller communities due to an imbalance in economic, social and environmental aspects. This presentation gives insight in our current contaminated sites process and how it could be changed into a more sustainable, efficient and balanced approach. Sustainable management can be achieved by combining innovative remediation approaches with regulatory adjustments. It is the presenter’s belief that a more sustainable approach will result in a dramatic increase in brownfield redevelopment and a widespread support of the contaminated sites regulation by industries, environmental contractors, consultants, developers and local authorities.  (Presentation is about 1 hour)

Presenter: Richard Römer, P.Ag.

Richard's experience in contaminated sites projects was gained both in Western Europe as well as B.C.  

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Webinar link https://bcia.adobeconnect.com/sustainable/