Weather & climate data to support on-farm decision making

October 20, 2020 - 10:00am(PDT/PST)
PD hours: 

Part of the Climate and Weather Data for BC Agriculture Adaptation  webinar series by BC Agricultural Climate Adaptation Research Network

Decision-aid support tools that incorporate real time weather data are more important than ever. Learn about current tools for BC growers.

About this Event

With increasing seasonal variations in temperature and moisture, decision-aid support tools that incorporate real time weather data are more important for aiding farm-level management decisions than ever. From pests to nutrient management decision support tools, this webinar introduces some of the weather and climate-informed tools available to support climate change adaptation at the farm level.

Presentations will include:

The BC Decision Aid System (BC DAS) is an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) decision support system for Okanagan tree fruit growers and pest managers. It provides easy-to-use pest management programs and helps to optimize management decisions for certain insects and diseases.

The BC Application Risk Management (ARM) tool is an online application risk assessment tool that allows producers to quickly determine the risk of manure or nutrient loss after a field application of manure or fertilizer based on 24 and 72-hour predicted cumulative precipitation.

The BC Peace Weather-Agri Network operates a network of weather stations in the BC Peace agriculture region that power tools to advise on fusarium head blight risk and wheat midge emergence.

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