WEBINAR: Declaring a Climate Change Emergency: Process, Considerations & Legalities

September 25, 2019 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm(PDT/PST)

PIBC - Planning Institute of BC presents

Declaring a Climate Change Emergency: Process, Considerations & Legalities

Floods, fires, and severe climate are becoming increasingly more common.  As the owners and operators of local infrastructure, municipalities have much to lose from the damaging effects - not only financially, but there are significant health and environmental costs as well. Furthermore, the impact of climate change is most immediate and dramatic in Northern communities, where global warming is threatening the traditional way of life.  As such, Canadian municipalities are taking the lead when it comes to climate action.  In British Columbia and the Yukon, a number of municipalities have already declared, or are considering declaring, a Climate Change Emergency. With this declaration, local government can now take urgent and real action to address the climate issue. Such declarations, however, require a solid understanding of the process involved, a significant and often complex planning component and a thorough consideration of the legal requirements and potential liabilities.

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