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All new applicants for the Articling Agrologist (AAg) designation towards the PAg designation will be assessed on their degree and courses. All new applicants for the Articling Technical Agrologist (ATAg) designation working towards their TAg designation will be assessed on their diploma, applied degree or degree and courses.

Eligibility for registration as an Articling Agrologist (AAg) requires a minimum of a four-year (120 credit) Bachelor's degree with a science focus. As part of this degree, a specified number of courses in various categories as set by BCIA Council are mandatory.

Eligibility for registration as an Articling Technical Agrologist (ATAg) requires a minimum of a two-year diploma or applied degree program, equivalent to a minimum of 60 credits, of which a specified number of courses are required, as set by BCIA's Council.

A discussion and definition of foundational and agrology courses and other information can be found under 'Requirements'


For those reinstating their registration, the policy on reinstatement can be found in Sections 72 - 78 of the BCIA Bylaws.