Transfer/Dual In Registrant Application

*We are now accepting applications for dual and transfer registration under the new technologist category, using the existing application forms.  CHOOSE ONLY TWO (2) DECLARED AREAS OF PRACTICE   


Include with your application:

  • PDF of current resume
  • $75.00 Application Fee
  • $475.00 PAg/RTAg fees OR $415.00 AAg/ATAg (if applicable).   See pro-rated fee schedule HERE.
  • Additional fees for PAg/RTAg stamp (either self inking or traditional with handle) and/or framed certificate*
  • Contact your home Institute to request a copy of your file be sent to BCIA.

*Additional Fees

  • BCIA can provide a framed/matted certificate and/or full status stamp for additional costs HERE. (Unframed certificate is no charge and ordered directly with Laurena Olsen, Deputy Registrar at
  • Articling transferees should expect to be invoiced for a future framed/matted certificate at the current fee.