Courses for Articling Registrants

The following four program elements are required to graduate from the Articling Program:

  1. The Profession of Agrology Workshop
  2. BCIA Ethics for Professionals Workshop
  3. Professional Negligence and Regulatory Offences Webinar
  4. Indigenous Foundational Knowledge Training

1.  The Profession of Agrology workshop is available as two online courses and will be completed at the start of the Articling Program.  A BCIA Branch may host an in-person workshop as a 2 to 3-hour session with articling Registrants giving a brief self-introduction.  The in-person version of the course provides networking and an introduction to other Registrants of the local branch.

The Profession of Agrology workshop consists of:

  • What is professionalism
  • The history of BCIA
  • The Professional Governance Act and Agrologists Regulation
  • BCIA Bylaws
  • Code of Ethics
  • The scope of the profession 
  • The role of BCIA Registrants in decision-making
  • Professional development requirements
  • An overview of other resource professions and their governance

*Claim 1.5 PD hours + 1 PD Hour (two courses) or 2.5 PD hours (in-person workshop) appropriately under 'Declarations' in your PD Report.

2.  The BCIA Ethics for Professionals workshop is a two-part online course hosted by the BCIA head office with an in-person version possibly held in conjunction with the annual BCIA Conference. Examine professionalism, the Code of Ethics, the Professional Governance Act, the Duty to Report, and ​​​BCIA's Bylaws through the study of cases and examples. 

The BCIA Ethics for Professionals workshop consists of the following topics:

  • Background and context of ethics
  • Responsibility to the public
  • Commitment to the client or employer
  • Responsibility as an expert witness
  • Commitment to the profession
  • Due diligence
  • Application of your knowledge

*Create a PD report for 8 PDH for the ONLINE course under 'Declarations' within your PD Report tab after login. 

*For PAgs/TAgs who have taken the BCIA Ethics Workshop previously and would like to review the content as a refresher course, there is a $40 charge to attend the self-paced online BCIA Refresher course. Create a PD report for 5.5 PD hours under 'Declarations' within your 'PD Report' behind the BCIA login.

3.  Professional Negligence and Regulatory Offences is an online webinar developed by Angela Westmacott, QC. This course is non-mandatory for others to use as professional development. 

*Create a new PD Report and claim 1.5 PD hours under 'Declarations' in your 'PD Report' behind the login.

4. Indigenous Foundational Knowledge Training is required under the Professional Governance Act (PGA). Programs to encourage reconciliation with Indigenous people are mandatory, with all Registrants required to complete a foundational knowledge course by December 31, 2022. BCIA will organize and manage select foundational Indigenous training courses throughout 2022 - look under EVENTS. In addition, BCIA will retroactively accept select courses taken since January 1, 2019, as meeting this requirement. Find details at  Indigenous Foundational Knowledge Training Criteria.

*Claim appropriately under 'Declarations' within your 'PD Report' behind the BCIA login - a minimum of 6 PD hours.