Workshops for Articling Members

The following program elements are required and form a part of the articling program:

Profession of Agrology Workshop

BCIA Ethics for Professionals Workshop

Professional Negligence and Regulatory Offences Online Webinar

1.  The Profession of Agrology workshop is available as a webinar and is completed in conjunction with the 'Orientation to BCIA' webinar and assessment questions, and is preferably completed at the start of the new articling member's program.  The workshop may be hosted by a BCIA branch as a 2 to 3 hour workshop with articling members doing a very short introduction of themselves (the official articling presentation as part of the aticling program is done at a branch AGM ).  This in-person version of the workshop provides networking and an introduction to members of the local branch.

The Profession of Agrology workshop consists of the following topics:

  • What is "Professionalism"?
  • The history of BCIA
  • The Agrologist Act (2003) and Bylaws
  • Code of Ethics
  • Scope of Agrology
  • The role of BCIA Registrants in decision making
  • Continuing professional development requirements
  • An overview of other resource professions and their governance

*Claim 1.5 PD hours + 1 PD Hour (webinars) or 2.5 PD hours (in-person workshop) appropriately under 'Declarations' in your PD Report.

2.  The BCIA Ethics for Professionals workshop is hosted by the BCIA head office with assistance from the branches at various locations within the province, as well as in conjunction with the BCIA Conference and AGM. Numerous case studies are discussed in both small group and plenary sessions with this in-person full day workshop.  Refreshments and a lunch included; booklet and a certificate of completion is provided.  Participants have the opportunity to access the course booklet here prior to the scheduled workshop and if desired save on an electronic device.  It may be beneficial to pre read the case studies.  Some copies of the hardcopy course booklet will be available at a scheduled workshop

The BCIA Ethics for Professionals workshop consists of the following topics:

  • Background and context of Ethics
  • Responsibility  to the public
  • Responsibility to the client or  employer
  • Responsibility as an expert witness
  • Responsibility to the profession
  • Due diligence
  • Applying your knowledge

*For P.Ag.'s who have taken the BCIA Ethics Workshop previously and would like to take it as a refresher course, there is NO CHARGE to attend the workshop yet a fee is required to cover catering. When a workshop is available contact the BCIA office directly at to register at 1-877-855-9291 OR register online.

*Claim 6 PD hours appropriately under 'Declarations' within your 'PD Report' behind the member log-in. 

3.  Professional Negligence and Regulatory Offences online webinar

The webinar, developed by Angela Westmacott, QC is available under 'Member Resources behind the member log-in)    This course is non mandatory for the remainder of the membership to use as professional development. 

*Claim 1.5 PD hours appropriately under 'Declarations' in your 'PD Report' behind the member log-in.