Expedited P.Ag. Admission Program

Expedited P.Ag. Admission Program

Professionals who have the required educational requirements and relevant work experience may be eligible for immediate full membership within the British Columbia Institute of Agrologists (BCIA) through it's Expedited P.Ag. Admission Program. 

This Program allows qualified individuals to expedite the required articling program by having certain elements of the standard articling term waived.  Upon approval the new member will immediately receive their full Professional Agrologist (P.Ag.) designation on the condition that the new member meets the membership duties and responsibilities as outlined below.

Expedited Membership Eligibility

Professionals must meet the current educational requirements for membership and have a minimum of 15 years agrology-related work experience (from official bachelor graduation). The required experience can be from government, private industry or educational institution employment with all experience and education being reviewed by the BCIA Credentials Committee on a case by case basis. Please note that deficiencies in meeting the current educational requirements may be addressed by the imposition of additional educational requirements by the BCIA Credentials Committee at the discretion of that Committee.  It is the expectation that an eligible applicant be currently employed in the field of agrology.

Expedited Membership Process

  1. Make application to the BCIA and comply with all fee requirements.  ($200 application fee; P.Ag. membership dues on acceptance)
  2. Submit a detailed resume or curriculum vitae.
  3. Submit letters of employment indicating start/end dates and a full description of experience obtained.
  4. Sign and submit the Expedited P.Ag. Admission Request document.
  5. Have official transcripts for all credentials, including transfer credits, mailed to the BCIA office.  If international credentials, copies of transcripts is acceptable.  A report from an evaluation service such as ICES will be required.

Upon receipt of the required documentation the Applicants’ materials will be provided to the BCIA Credentials Committee which will make a determination within approximately 4-6 calendar weeks from the date that the Committee receives the respective application for review.

Expedited Membership Duties and Responsibilities

Applicants must adhere to the following requirements:

  1. Comply with additional educational conditions placed on the new member by the Credentials Committee, if any.
  2. Complete within a time period set by the BCIA Credentials Committee the 2 part ‘Orientation to BCIA’ webinar & assessment plus the Professional Negligence and Regulatory Offences webinar which all together reviews the Agrologist Act, BCIA Bylaws, policies, professionalism and ethics, and the role of a professional and of the Institute
  3. Attend the BCIA Ethics for Professionals Workshop or an approved alternative within one year of becoming a member. (***New Addition***)
  4. Attend one Branch AGM or one BCIA AGM within two years of becoming a member.
  5. Sign a declaration indicating adherence to the BCIA Code of Ethics.
  6. Complete all annual Professional Development (PD) requirements of the Institute.
  7. Select and indicate appropriate Area(s) of Practice annually as defined by BCIA.
  8. Keep contact information current on the BCIA database.
  9. Pay annual professional fees and submit PD reports by February 15th of each year.

Upon approval by the BCIA Credentials Committee applicants fulfilling these Expedited Admission Program requirements will be designated as full members (P.Ag.) “in good standing” according to the Agrologists Act [SBC 2013 Ch.13] and the BCIA Bylaws.

If you qualify for the Expedited P.Ag. Membership, please sign the Expedited P.Ag. Admission Request and include as part of your application package.

Apply Online OR By Mail

Include with your Application     

Official transcripts of degree(s) and transfer credits MUST be mailed.  ICES comprehensive evaluations MUST be mailed with copies of transcripts included with the application package.  

If mailing payment, make cheques payable to: British Columbia Institute of Agrologists (BCIA)

Mail to: British Columbia Institute of Agrologists (BCIA), 110-2800 Bryn Maur Road, Victoria, BC  V9B 3T4 (NEW ADDRESS AS OF SEPTEMBER 6, 2019)