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Online Forms Available to Registrants

Practicing Registrant Requesting a Change of Status

This form is used when a practicing registrant would like to change their status to an on leave category or to retired status.  A practicing registrant can go on leave for a maximum of three (3) years.  If resigning in good standing, a registrant has three (3) years from the date of resignation to reinstate their membership.

Practicing Registrant Requesting a Change of Status - Online form

Parental Leave and Medical Leave Policy

Resignation in Good Standing

Registrants intending to resign from the Institute must complete the Resignation in Good Standing form. This avoids any additional penalties if you wish to return to the Institute. As a resigned registrant you may make an application to reinstate within three (3) years of the resignation date upon payment of the (pro-rated) annual registration fee plus a reinstatement fee for the year in which you seek reinstatement.  After three (3) years of the resignation date, you must submit a new application for registration. No refunds or credits given on dues already paid.  

Resignation in Good Standing - Online form

Return as a Practicing Registrant From On Leave

This form is used when a Registrant would like to return as a Practicing Registrant from on leave (can also be used if a retired member)

Return as a Practicing Registrant From On Leave - Online form

Request to Reinstate Registration - if Resigned in Good Standing or Discontinued

This form is used when a former registrant would like to reinstate their registration.  This can ONLY be requested if it's within three (3) years of the date leaving the Institute

Request to Reinstate Registration - Online form

**If it's been longer than three (3) years since the date leaving the Institute (Resigned in Good Standing or Discontinued for non payment of dues) a new application for registration will need to be submitted under the standards of the day.


Status Declaration Forms for Retired Status or Student RENEWALS ONLY

The status declaration is submitted annually during the RENEWAL period to maintain registration.  The declaration is submitted online within the invoice under "Dues Invoices/Receipts" (blue banner after log-in)

If you are changing from practicing status to retired status OR to Education Leave then please submit the 'Change of Status' form found above.  

The PDFs below can be submitted manually if desired ONLY if renewing your existing retired or student affiliate registration.

Retired declaration form  (PDF)

Student Affiliate declaration form (PDF)


Articling Journal Forms

Articling Program Checklist for articling members with a commencement date up to December 31, 2017

Articling Program Checklist for articling members with a commencement date between January 1, 2018 and March 31, 2018

Articling Program Checklist (fillable form) for articling members with a commencement date April 1, 2018 and onwards

Record of Work Experience (fillable form)

Mentoring Agreement (fillable form)


Professional Development Reporting Guidelines and Others

 Professional Development Guidelines with Case Study Examples

Areas of Practice