Registrant Questions

1. I am going on parental leave.  What should I do in regards to my BCIA registration?

You can take an on leave status for the period of time you will be on leave – Parental Leave status. You will need to complete a change of status form and declare you will not be practicing agrology while on leave. On your return to active status, you will need complete the return to active status form and submit payment appropriately.  All forms can be found on the BCIA website at Forms and Guides

2. Using Your Professional Stamp

3. Ordering a Professional Stamp and/or Certificate

4. How can I find out if someone is a registrant with BCIA?

Go to the Members List page on the BCIA website to view ALL current active registrant.  Registrant's contact information is available if they have chosen to make this information public.  Some have made their contact information available only to other BCIA registrants.  (must login to view this.) 

Questions about BCIA Registrants Only Area