Membership Criteria


Requirements for membership are as follows:

A Bachelor's level degree (with a science focus) from an accredited post secondary educational institution of which the course work must consist of the following:

  • A minimum of 8 entry level foundational knowledge courses usually at the 100 or 200 level, in the subject matters listed on the Academic Worksheet (applicants can have more than 1 entry level course in the same subject matter; cannot double count in the other two sections of the worksheet);
  • At least 20 courses in natural sciences and/or agricultural and resource economics that relate directly to agrology (as defined in the Agrologists Act, 2003);
  • At least 11 courses at the 300+ (3rd year and higher and and can come from within the above noted 20 course requirement) of which 8 must be in natural sciences and/or agricultural and resource economics that relate directly to agrology (as defined in the Agrologists Act, 2003).

"agrology" means using agricultural and natural sciences and agricultural and resource economics, including collecting or analyzing data or carrying out research or assessments, to design, evaluate, advise on, direct or otherwise provide professional support to

(a) the cultivation, production, improvement, processing or marketing of aquatic or terrestrial plants or animals, or

(b) the classification, management, use, conservation, protection, restoration, reclamation or enhancement of aquatic or terrestrial ecosystems that are affected by, sustain, or have the potential to sustain the cultivation or production of aquatic or terrestrial plants or animals.

Note:  Stand alone lab courses, seminar courses and work experience courses/co-ops are not accepted; appropriate directed studies, field studies, special topics, advanced studies and thesis courses are considered on a case by case basis; supporting documentation is required.

Articling Agrologist Program

All applicants accepted for membership will be required to take part in the Articling Agrologist Program and be employed in the practice of agrology for an equivalent of two years prior to achieving their P.Ag status.  During this period they will be required to take part in a number of events and activities plus complete milestones prior to achieving their P.Ag status.  

Applicants with extensive accummulative work experience (6 years +) in Agrology after university bachelor graduation including 2 years within Canada (not including a masters or PhD program) may request a reduction (by a covering letter with reasons to back your request) of the Articling term from two years to one year.  ALSO include letter(s) of employment for verification. The term reduction request can only be done at time of application. Ultimately it is at the discretion of the credentials committee to grant this request.  All program elements required must still be completed.  A complete review of the A.Ag program is included under the Articling Agrologist Process on this site.

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Applicants with degrees from outside Canada will be required to have their credentials evaluated by:

International Credential Evaluation Services (ICES)
3700 Willingdon Ave.
Burnaby BC V5G 3H2

Phone: 1 (604) 432-8800  Toll free 1-866-434-9197  Fax: 1 (604) 435-7033

E-mail:   Wbsite:

Ask for the comprehensive assessment, as required by the BC Institute of Agrologists.

**We will also accept comprehensive evaluations completed by World Education Services Canada (WES) and International Qualifications Evaluation Services (IQAS)