NEW - Approved Course Listings

The following approved course listings were formulated based on the 2018-2019 calendar year and can be referenced when applying for membership - they are by no means a comprehensive listing as BC has 25+ educational institutions with varying programs and associated agrology related courses within them, yet it's a good start.  Courses completed outside of these 2018-2019 course listings are considered under each application review.  At this time only BC educational institutions will be listed yet we consider related coursework from any credited educational institution.  *These course listings may be updated occassionally based on program additions and future changes to programs and the associated courses.

British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)

Royal Roads University (RRU)

Simon Fraser University (SFU)

Thompson River University (TRU)

University of British Columbia (UBC)

University of British Columbia - Okanagan (UBCO)

University of Fraser Valley (UFV)

University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC)

University of Victoria (UVIC)

Vancouver Island University (VIU)