Applicant Questions & Answers

1. How long will it take for my application to be processed?

Applications are not reviewed until all documentation including transcripts are received. Depending on the difficulty of the application, the decision from the Credentials Committee may take 6-8 weeks or less. Additional time may be required if the Credentials Committee requests further information.  

2. Will becoming a registrant of BCIA assist me to find employment?

By becoming a registrant of BCIA and using the appropriate designation, you are indicating to employers and the public that you are registered with a professional body and meet the requirements for registration. You will adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and meet the standards of professional conduct.

3. I have a Ph.D and Master's degree in Environmental Practice (or other program), but I do not have a Bachelor's degree.  Can I still apply to BCIA?

BCIA requires that all applicants MUST have a minimum of a science-based Bachelor's degree that contains agrology related coursework to apply for registration.  Doctorates and Masters degrees on their own do not provide sufficient course credits or the required foundational knowledge courses to qualify.

4. Do I need to have a mentor in place at the time of application?

We strongly encourage you to seek  a mentor at the time of application so that should your application be approved, you will have a mentor in place with the signed mentoring agreement ready to be submitted to head office.  Your mentor must be a registrant of BCIA with PAg or PAg(Retired) status.  A RTAg or a PAg may mentor ATAgs.  Your signed mentoring agreement is due two (2) months after you are accepted as an Articling Registrant. The BCIA staff or your branch Articling Coordinator can assist you with finding a mentor as needed.

5. I'm not sure if I have enough agrology courses!  Can the Registrar review my transcripts before I apply?

Unfortunately BCIA does not have the resources to preview all potential applications.  Use the Academic Worksheet as a tool to assist you when referencing the definition of Agrology according to the Agrologists Act. If needed contact Laurena Olsen, Deputy Registrar, at

6. My new employer requires that I become a registrant of BCIA.  If I send in my official application for a preview, can you tell me immediately if I will be accepted as a registrant?

Once you have submitted a completed application package with payment, the Registrar can provide a letter to your employer stating that you have applied to BCIA.  BCIA staff cannot provide you with a guarantee that you will be accepted based upon an application package being received.  Your application must be reviewed by both the Registrar and the Credentials Committee before any official decisions are provided, which can take 6-8 weeks or sooner depending on the current work load of the committee and the complexity of the application.

7.  My courses are not on the approved courses listing.  Can I still apply?

Yes, you can still apply. The approved courses listing is primarily composed of offerings by British Columbian post secondary institutions.  Other courses are considered, including those offered in other Canadian provinces.  International applicants will need to have their courses evaluated - please click here for more details.  Please be aware that there may be a significant delay while international transcripts and degrees are evaluated by ICES, WES or IQAS.  

8.  Can I apply for PAg or RTAg job opportunities when I join BCIA?

If you have already obtained professional designation (PAg or RTAg), you may apply to professional employment opportunities.   Articling registrants (AAg, ATAg) are not eligible to apply for PAg or RTAg positions until after they have received their professional designation.   The articling period is usually 1-2 years.