Applicants' Questions & Answers

1. How long will it take for my application to be processed?

Applications will be reviewed when all documentation including transcripts (international comprehensive evaluation may be required) are received. Depending on the complexity of the application, it may take 6-8 weeks or less for the Credentials Committee to approve the application. Additional time may be required if the Credentials Committee requests further information.  

2. Will becoming a registrant of BCIA assist me in finding employment?

By becoming a registrant of BCIA and using the appropriate title and designation, you are indicating to employers and the public that you are registered with a professional body, will adhere to a strict code of ethics and meet the standards of professional conduct. Many employment opportunities, especially within government, require registration with BCIA, so having the designation will give you the advantage over others that do not.

3. I have a Ph.D and Master's degree in a relevant field, but my Bachelor's degree is not related to agrology. Can I still apply to BCIA?

BCIA requires that all applicants MUST have a minimum of a science-based Bachelor's degree that contains certain foundational and agrology related coursework to apply for registration. Doctorates and Masters degrees on their own do not provide a sufficient amount of agrology courses or the required foundational knowledge courses to qualify.

4. Do I need to have a mentor in place at the time of application?

If you already know a potential mentor we strongly encourage you to secure them at the time of application, so that when your application is approved, you will have a mentor in place, with a mentoring agreement to be signed and submitted to head office. Your mentor must be a registrant of BCIA in good standing.  A  PAg or TAg may mentor ATAgs, but a TAg cannot mentor an AAg.  Your signed mentoring agreement is due two (2) months after you are accepted as an Articling Registrant. Articling program elements will not be recognized until the mentoring agreement is submitted. Your branch articling coordinator can assist you to find a mentor if necessary, or Victoria office staff.

5. I'm not sure if I have enough agrology courses. Can the Deputy Registrar review my transcripts before I apply?

Unfortunately, BCIA does not have the resources to preview all potential applications.  Please use the Academic Worksheet as a tool to assist you when referencing the definition of Agrology according to the Agrologists' Regulation. If needed, contact Laurena Olsen, Deputy Registrar, at to discuss your situation.

6. My new employer requires that I become a registrant of BCIA.  If I send in my official application for a preview, can you tell me immediately if I will be accepted as a registrant?

Once you have submitted a completed application package with payment, the Registrar can provide a letter to your employer stating that you have applied to BCIA.  BCIA staff cannot provide you with a guarantee that you will be accepted based upon an application package being received. Your application must be reviewed by the Credentials Committee before any official decisions are made, which can take 6-8 weeks or sooner depending on the current work load of the Committee and the complexity of the application.

7.  My courses are not on the approved course listings online. Can I still apply?

Yes, you can still apply. The approved listings are primarily composed of course offerings by British Columbia post secondary institutions. Other courses are considered, including those offered in other Canadian provinces and outside of Canada. International applicants (outside of Canada) will need to have their courses evaluated by an evaluating company.  Please be aware that there may be a significant delay in assessing applications for international transcripts and degrees, due to the time transcripts take to be comprehensively evaluated by ICES, WES or IQAS. Please contact ICES, WES or IQAS directly for their current processing times. 

8.  Can I apply for PAg or TAg job opportunities when I join BCIA?

If you have already obtained professional designation, PAg or TAg, you may apply to professional employment opportunities. Articling registrants, AAg or ATAg, are not eligible to apply for PAg or TAg positions until after they have received their professional designation according to some of the employers. The articling period is two years or, if applicable, the articling term is reduced to one year only if six or more years of work experience is evidenced, and two of these years must be in Canada. The formal articling period is waived if qualified under the Expedited Admission Program with 15+ years of work experience.

9.  I am not employed in agrology work at the time of application. How does this affect my articling program if accepted?

The newly accepted registrant is placed in the articling program; however, the one or two year term will not start until the BCIA is notified of the new employment by submitting a job profile/description and start date in writing. The articling term is then extended accordingly in order to achieve the 24 or 12 months of agrology work. All milestones of the articling program can be completed while searching work in agrology.  Gaining experience in decision-making and having oversight are crucial and are vital components of the articling program leading to full professional designation.

10.  I am a recent graduate from a post-secondary institution in BC. I am looking to apply to become an articling registrant and have a question about the application fee. The BCIA website says that half of the application fee will be waived if the application is received within six months after graduation. Do I send the full amount and am reimbursed later?

There is a check box you tick within the application form indicating you have graduated six months after graduation. You will be charged the reduced rate at the time you submit your application. We look forward to receiving your application!  

11.  What is the difference between Expedited Admission and Term Reduction Request?

Professionals who have the required educational requirements and a minimum of 15+ relevant work experience, of which two years must have been in Canada, may be eligible for immediate full status professional registration within BCIA via the  Expedited Admission Program.   

A term reduction request is for new applicants and professionals who possess the required educational requirements and have a minimum of six years+ work experience in agrology, of which two years must have been in Canada.  The term reduction applies to the length of the articling program: one year instead of two years.