Student Membership

Students in agriculture, natural resource or related programs at British Columbia colleges or universities are welcomed as student members of BCIA.  They are given complimentary membership with the Institute and enjoy the privilege of receiving all of the communications and information provided by BCIA.  In addition they are encouraged to take part in Branch activities and professional development opportunities, often at subsidized rates.

Approved membership as a student does not guarantee acceptance into the Articling Agrologist program.    Refer to 'Membership' > Criteria at .  A student moving on to full membership with BCIA must submit a separate application form and accompanying documents as described on the BCIA website.

Student memberships are available while students are in school and prior to application as an Articling Agrologist. Students applying for the $1500 BCIA Scholarships must also be accepted as a student member or be a current BCIA member. Please complete, print off, sign then send in the application form.  The student declaration is required to be submitted annually at dues time to retain student membership with BCIA.  

CLICK HERE for ONLINE Student Membership Application

  Or Download PDF version of Student Application and Student Declaration (to be submitted annually after acceptance)

**Remember to submit a confirmation of registration in the educational program you are enrolled in with your application form.   This can be a letter from the institution, a record of grade history or other confirmatory document that is available within the student's online profile.

BCIA will waive half ($100.00) of the new member application fee if a new graduate with a degree applies for membership within 180 days (6 months) from time of official graduation. Naturally then, we encourage potential student members and our current student members to take advantage of this program for membership at the appropriate time.