2017 BCIA DUES - Late Fee Now Applied

Late Fee Now Applied.  Your 2017 BCIA dues invoice is available online for payment. 

Payable date was February 15, 2017.  Dues unpaid by February 15, 2017 now have a late penalty of $50.00 added.  Payment sent in the mail must be postmarked no later than February 15, 2017 in order to avoid this late penalty.  Dues unpaid as of April 1, 2017 will result in removal from the register.

To view your 2017 Dues Invoice, go to your member profile through the BCIA website www.bcia.com .  Once logged in, click on Dues Invoices/Receipts in the blue bar. 


You must report under 'PD Reports' your

  1. 2016 Professional Development activities AND
  2. 2016 Area(s) of Practice.

To report your 2016 Professional Development, you must be logged in as a member. Select PD Reports in the blue bar. Do not forget to enter your 2016 Area(s) of Practice. 



Once you have entered your PD, and Area(s) of Practice, go to your Dues Invoice and scroll down to see the PAY NOW button on your invoice.  Go to Navigating the Members Area for more information on reporting PD and paying dues.

There are 3 ways you can pay your dues:

  • Login to your member profile, click on the PAY NOW button in your invoice and pay by credit card
  • Mail a cheque (this can be post-dated) to BCIA along with a printed copy of your invoice. 
  • Mail, fax or email the printed invoice with your credit card information to the BCIA office.  (Email is admin@bcia.com)

NOTE: Your mailed cheque or credit card information will not be considered paid until you have entered your 2016 Area(s) of Practice and PD online.

If this is your first time logging into the BCIA website or you have forgotten your password, you can reset your password.  Go to www.bcia.com > Member login >Request a Password using your existing username or email address we have as your preference in the system and you’ll receive an email to set up your member log-in.


After February 15, 2017 a late fee of $50.00 is now applied to any dues unpaid. Dues and late fees not paid by April 1, 2017 will result in removal from the register.

Read answers to frequently asked questions about dues.

P.Ag.(Retired) members are exempt from PD reporting but are asked to complete the online status declaration found under PD reports behind the member log-in or submit the paper form found under Member Forms and Guides, before payment can be accepted. 

When paying online, you will receive a payment confirmation receipt via email.  If you would like to print an official receipt, go to Dues Invoices/Receipts under your Member Profile.

Note: If you wish to change your status, you must complete the Change of Status form and have it approved by the registrar before dues for the new status are processed.


Wednesday, February 15, 2017