2019 BCIA Agrologist of the Year - Sue Senger PAg

The Agrologist of the Year award goes to an Agrologist who has made a significant contribution to British Columbia agriculture, natural resource and environmental science.  This year, BCIA received five nominations for Agrologist of the Year, which is the largest number of nominations ever received in a single year. We wish to thank the 2019 nominees for their exemplary work and significant contributions to agriculture, natural resource and environmental science in British Columbia. This year's recipient of the Agrologist of the Year award is Dr. Sue Senger, PAg.

Sue Senger is registered as both a Professional Biologist and Agrologist, with over 25 years of experience working on natural resource management issues from within a small rural BC community. With a PhD in Biology and a Masters in Plant Science, Sue has focused on strategic planning initiatives and project management that empowers First Nations communities to engage in resource stewardship. Using extensive GIS and spatial analyst skills, Sue helps to improve the inclusion of traditional knowledge in land use planning which promotes better land-based decision-making. As an educator, Sue creates lectures and workshops that build capacity on topics like human-bear conflict reduction, bear safety strategies, watershed management, ethnobotany, food security, seed saving, data management and project management.

As a certified content marketer and freelance writer, Sue translates the science for people and helps them understand what actions match their values. Check out her writer's portfolio (https://writer.me/sue-senger) or follow her on Medium.com (https://medium.com/@rosehill.senger).

As owner/operator of Rose Hill Farm, Lillooet, BC, Sue applies selective breeding techniques to small-scale food production challenges, working towards regionally adapted vegetables and production-bred heritage livestock. Follow her farm and blog at www.rosehillfarm.ca

Tuesday, June 16, 2020